Why Essie gel couture is the best Nail polish

Nail polish is one of the most used and familiar product to women. Nail paint has become so much popular that designers have started designing many types of color as Essie gel couture. Even we newly find different type of designer nail paint that has various colors in one slip. If one get have the magical effect on your beauty then why not choosing that product?

Essie gel couture review:

The average review can get you an idea above the whole features and benefits of essie gel couture


  1. Makes nails more shining than any other nail polish in market
  2. Can be worn 14 days long
  3. Can be worn and removed instantly when you wish
  4. Featured by perfect gel components
  5. Can be got perfect complexion on nails in just 2 steps
  6. You don’t need any UV lamp for getting shining nails
  7. Free from elements that can do harm to nail

Why the best get couture ?

Everybody is getting moders and fashionable and this is the extreme truth that people of course consider your look for being modern now. So if your look is not up to date in many cases you will stay behind. So to cope with the running life you have to color your self and that must starts from coloring your nails. Designing them is a part of looking good in every day life

How to buy the best gel couture ?

Now which one is the best product that is not a secret anymore. In global world we can easily search on net and get all the information about the product we are going to buy. The thing that affects the most people’s mind is the product’s sale. If the sell growth is high then people will have a good idea about that product. So, you can investigate the sale growth and then judge a product and make your decision.

Customer product review:

What customer things that has a huge impact on product’s reputation. Other customers have idea about the product when they see that reviews. 765 people have used and Essie gel couture review as the best couture they have ever used. The features of the product are so attractive that they can’t be leaving a positive comment.


  1. Has smooth and unbreakable brush
  2. Easy to apply
  3. Available in many colors
  4. Much more easier to remove than other couture
  5. Can be mixed and designed with other couture
  6. Free from DBP, toluene and formaldehyde
  7. Color and clean both basic steps of couture are produced in best process in this product’s case
  8. Allows to be dry fast
  9. Gives nails a perfect finishing
  10. Less touchy to normal skin


  1. Only individual color in one bottle is available
  2. Top coat and another coat only two coats are there
  3. Price can seem little bit unreasonable
  4. Quantity can be little less for some people

However we use nail couture daily, we hardly have couture of our real liking. The couture of our heart can be this product essie gel couture.  The qualities that one expects couture gel should have, all of them are in it. Your health and body care includes your nail care also. Besides this is a part of good looks also. So, in both cases essie gel couture review helps the most rendering the best service.