How to Make Our Hair Grow Faster and Longer

Making a longer hair is almost all people’s desire. But in most of the cases they can’t get proper guideline to do that naturally. At any point it is far better to depend on natural ways to solve a health issue. So, when you think about How to make your hair grow faster and longer the first thing should come to your mind is how you can do that in natural way. Here we are to help you in that manner.

How to make your hair grow faster and longer:

Having healthy diet:

Eating a diet rich in protein and vital vitamins and minerals is an essential prerequisite to healthy hair growth. Vitamins A, B, C, and E, iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, and selenium, vitamin B-complex is extremely important for making your hair grow faster. So, add a variety of foods like milk, cheese, yogurt, chicken, eggs, whole grains, salmon, spinach, broccoli, bell peppers, cabbage, parsley, grapefruit, avocado, brown bread, oats, and alfalfa in your diet to nourish your hair and scalp.


You need to get regular trims. Eliminating the breakage gives the appearance that your hair is growing faster. After all, a split end that breaks can lead to your hair losing length not to mention shine, volume and smoothness. If you want to know exactly how long you can go between trims, follow this guide.

Use conditioner after shampoo:

Conditioner helps replace the lipids and proteins inside the hair shaft as well as seal the cuticle to help prevent more damage from happening so that you can get your hair to grow longer and look healthier

 Applying castor oil:

Castor oil is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids. so, it gears up hair growth naturally. As this oil is quite viscous, mix the castor oil with an equal amount of coconut, olive, or almond oil. Massage your scalp with it and leave it on for 30 to 45 minutes. Then shampoo your hair.

Distributing natural oil in hair:

Brush your hair properly after using hair oil so that it can be to distributed to your scalp’s oils evenly onto your hair so it stays naturally moisturized

Avoiding brushing hair just after taking bath:

Never brush your hair immediately after having a bath. That time hairs remain weak and they break easily. So, avoiding brushing at that time may safe your hair.

Avoiding sulfates and parabens:

Shampoos containing chemicals called sulfates should be avoided. These harsh chemicals make your hair weak and brittle, causing breakage which will keep you from growing those long, beautiful locks. Use shampoos labeled as being paraben and sulfate free, and avoid shampoos with SLS listed in the ingredients.


Massaging promotes blood flow to the scalp, which in turn stimulates the hair follicles. In addition, deep condition your hair once a week with a hot oil treatment or deep conditioning hair mask.

Skipping heat styling tools:

Stop over-styling your hair, warns celebrity hairstylist Ken Paves. If you must use heat, Paves recommends decreasing the temperature and always using a heat therapy otherwise, you risk damaging your hair, leading to breakage and frizz.

Washing hair in cold water:

Washing in hot, steamy water damages the hair shaft, leading to hair that is brittle and prone to breakage. Cool water will help seal the cuticle (outer layer) of your hair strands, making your hair sleeker and healthier. To keep it shiny and healthy, wash your hair in the coldest water you can stand.

Whipping up an egg mask

Eggs are highly beneficial for faster hair growth because they are packed with protein and also contain iron, sulfur, phosphorus, zinc, and selenium. You can use an egg hair mask at least once a month.

Being stress-free:

Stress is one of the most important factors that contribute to hair loss. It is believed that stress can disrupt the normal hair cycle and trigger hairs to enter the telogen or fall-out phase. Thus, when striving for faster hair growth, minimize the stress in your life. To manage stress, you can use meditation, breathing exercises, or other relaxation techniques. Plus, be sure to get your beauty sleep as the growth hormone is released during sleep.

Flip your hair upside down:

This can sound weird is one of the most popular tricks to promote faster hair growth. Just flip your hair upside down by flipping your head over for two to four minutes daily. It is believed to work by improving circulation.

Though there are so many ways to keep your hair growing faster but these are the most popular and natural ways. So you can have any one of them and maintain that regularly.